The Lucky Taxi Driver

The Lucky Taxi Driver: Complete Recovery JUL 2006
Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion
Dense string sign on plain CT over left Middle Cerebral Artery due to thrombus occlusion
CT angiogram CTA
Neurosurgery Percutaneous Cerebral Intervention
Procedures of Mechanical Thrombectomy
Procedures of Mechanical Thrombectomy
Procedures of Mechanical Thrombectomy
Obstructing blood clots retrieved from arteries that were unblocked
Penumbra System
Other Thrombectomy Devices: The Merci Clot Retriever
Other Thrombectomy Devices: Solitare Stent
All deficits gradually resolved
All deficits gradually resolved
Day 14 discharged home with Zocor & Plavix

The Lucky Taxi Driver

Illustration the new stroke concept with treatment of Neuro-PCI. In 2006, 56 Yrs old Taxi Driver with good past health

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The Lucky In-patient for colonoscopy

Mild dizziness nurse for help, still can walk to toilet on his own. Sudden left limbs severe weakness .....

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A 47 age old man with correct decision of DAMA

Symptoms (sudden left limbs flaccid graded 1/5, dysphasia) onset at 19:30, Admitted to public hopsital with plain CT brain reported to be normal. NO active treatment was offered...

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